Ghostriders This Week

Congratulations to the  Ghostrider players, coaches and trainers  for their series win over the Columbia Valley Rockies in six games, and an Eddie Mountain Division Championship. 

With their 5-1 win in Invermere the Ghostriders  advance to play the Beaver Valley Nite Hawks. BV just defeated Grand Forks and will have home ice in the third round. The schedule should be up in the next few hours.  

In the clinching game Landon Hedges scored the game winner on a great play by Taylor Haggerty to keep the puck alive, then Hedges scored two more after that for the win. Riley Enns scored his first of the P/O’s and Dayton Collier put the finishing touches on the game with an empty netter. Nick Kunyk didn’t have a lot of shots but with the Riders down to four defensemen he had to make a few key saves and the forwards helped out as well and they held the Rockies to just 17 shots, the two power play goals didn’t hurt either.

Landon Hedges after the game, “It was a gutsy team effort to battle through some adversity. Tonight just happened to be my night, and I’m glad I was able to perform for the team.” 

Near the end of the game a couple of the Rockies twenty year old’s took some cheap head shots and a 5 min slashing attempt to injure but the Riders stuck to hockey and cruised to a nice road win.

Captain Taylor Haggerty, “That was a great series win, our team showed a lot of character throughout the series. We battled through adversity and responded to the challenges very well. It was great to see”.

Notes From Under the Bleachers…where they keep the suds

All he does is win, Nick Kunyk’s game 6 win gave him a 5-0 P/O record and he was 18-2 in the regular season…Coden Fournier leads the team in scoring with an even 5G 5A…Landon Hedges is right behind with 9 points, Kaden Slobodian, 8 and Taylor Haggerty had 7 points, one for each crosscheck to the head he endured…Game winning goals vs the CVR , Kyler Watson, Cole Fournier, Dayton Collier and Landon Hedges… Did you notice the nets in Fernie haven’t been getting knocked off quite as easily, they acquired some different style pegs…The game 6 four horsemen of the apocalypse Cole Fisher, Kaden Slobodian, Eli Neilsen and Malachi Peigan played the whole game on the blueline with Josh Kallies slotted in a bit at the end, great fitness levels…Beaver Valley are known to play a fan friendly track meet style of game…I can hardly wait…they scored the second most goals in the R/S with 206…and their HC Terry Jones is known for letting his horses outa the barn…

And finally… it was a hard fought series with some bad feelings at all levels and a few suspensions as well, the BV Hawks are probably thinking, yeah well we had a few suspensions too and a staged fight, beat that you idiots… as the KI player safety group reads this they’ll be thinking… speaking of idiots… Also the Riders need another 8 wins to get to Kimberley for the Mowat Cup. In Detroit they used to throw an octopus on the ice symbolizing the eight wins they would need to win the Stanley Cup…I wonder if anyone in Fernie has a live pet octopus we could wing over the netting to the centre ice dot…Niki at Twin Meadows… you really are an idiot…

Quietly this guy just wins games