Billet FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a billet family?
Each season, the Fernie Ghostriders recruit talented young hockey players to play on our Jr hockey team. For some of these players to take advantage of the opportunity to play with our Jr Hockey team, the players require a billet family to open their home. For many of our players, this may be their first time away from home and require a stable living environment for their move to continue their hockey path.

Are billet families paid?
A pre-established fee of $800 per player per month is paid to the billet family. This helps with additional household expenses, especially groceries. Billet families are asked to provide food for breakfast, lunch, as well as a prepared meal for dinner.

Is there a “typical” host family?
Host families may be two-parent families, single-parent families, or even an empty nester. The common denominator is a desire by the family to make a difference in a player’s life.

Can a family host more than one player?
Yes. Two players can share transportation expenses, and often provide company for one another. The only requirement is that each player has adequate space/living arrangements. Each player is expected to have his own bed, closet or dresser.

Will players join our family for personal events?
You’re welcome to invite players to join you for family celebrations or activities; however, it is not mandatory for you to do so. All players will have time off during the holidays and might have arrangements to go home to their family.

We are very busy and aren’t home a lot during the day and evening, due to our work and kids’ schedules. Can we still billet?
Absolutely. All players will have busy schedules between practice, workouts, film, job/school, and community service. Players aren’t reliant on families for transportation, generally speaking. Players will carpool with their teammates to and from hockey functions whenever possible. Clear communication between the player and billets is key to creating the best environment possible for everyone.