Riders play Kimberley in Fernie March 10-11

What You Were Waiting For

The Ghostriders will now play Kimberley

The Riders got through the Columbia Valley Rockies in four straight games. Two were fairly easy shutouts but game one in Fernie and four in Invermere went into overtime. The Riders out scored CVR 17- 5.

Kimberley defeated Golden four straight and outscored them 22 -6.  Brock Palmer and Keegan McDowell lead the KD in scoring with 10 and 9 points.
The Columbia Valley Rockies was a good series win for the Ghost…but what is about to happen now is a different animal, the intensity of the games and talent level of the competition is about to go through the roof … and the Riders are one of the few teams to win vs the KD.

It seems like the Riders are peaking as a team right now. Credit the coaches for their game plan and the players for buying in…
Ghostrider Notes

  • Goaltender Riley Fonger won game one then proceeded to shutout the Rockies 4-0 and 6-0 in games two and three. Justin Faiella took a turn in net in game four and won 3-2.


  • Coach Wagner named Riley Fonger as the Tim Horton’s Player of the CVR series.


  • CVR games 1 and 4 went into overtime, Gavin Lawrieended the first OT and Simon Bergsagel who is gradually becoming a much more complete player (that’s code for back checks better) ended the second OT game.


  • In his quest to have all available players ready for action coach Wagner gave Justin Faiella the start in game four and put Braeden Day in on the blueline, they didn’t disappoint, Faiella got the win in net and Dey had an assist on the first goal and scored the tying goal in the third… his first points as a Ghostrider, good timing BD.


  • Put your hand up if you thought potential Rookie of the Year candidates Sawan Gill and Niki Sombrowski would lead the team in scoring with 2 goals and 3 assists each after the first round of the P/Os. Both guys had points in three of the four games.


  • Points from the back end has been the Riders achilles heal all season but in the last few weeks the D has joined with Greg Susinski who led the D with 27 points and are chipping in regularly. That ’s important, and it’s on the test.


  • Gavin Lawrie and Brendan Nemes, each with 2 goals and an assist have also chipped in with points in three of the four games as have Keelan Saworski and Tyler Witzke and they have bought in… 


  • Jordan Kromm had a hat trick in game two but has been silent since. He led the Riders in scoring with 22 regular season goals and 54 points.


  • With some guys out for various reasons and Sebastian Iannuzzi out with an injury Owen Titus has played games up front and back on the line… that’s a big advantage having a utility player who play and fit in anywhere.


  • With quick 4-0 wins by both Fernie and Kimberley (Golden)  the players will get an extra couple of days off. That’s good for the players and the fans who will get to see well rested teams…



Playoff tickets will be sold for each game and are not transferable. If you buy a ticket for game #3 and do not use it you can not use it to get into any other game.



The Fernie Ghostriders will be pre-selling tickets for their second round playoff games at Gear Hub, Fernie Auto Parts, The Fernie Hotel and Tim Horton`s. 

Games 3-4 are in Fernie Sunday the 10th and Monday March 11thGame 6 is in  in Fernie March 14th.
See stores for details! During the games we are promoting a white out. All fans are encouraged to wear white. See you at the Fernie Memorial !