Practice Player Of The Week:
The Ghostriders thank all our valued sponsors for their support again this season, you are a big part of keeping the Riders alive here in Fernie
Player Of The Week:

The Ghostriders thank all our billet families, we couldn't ice a team without you, you guys are the greatest !

Player Of The Month:
The Ghostriders thank all of our voulnteers and all of the parents who trust their son's to our program
Fernie Ghostriders AGM May 29th 7:00 PM at the rink
Ghostriders thank Carrolla’s Crue
Riders play Kimberley in Fernie March 10-11
Spring Camp Information
   Fernie Ghostriders: Tim Horton's POW


Tim Horton's Player of the Week

Riley Fonger
Sawan Gill
Keelan Saworski
Derek Green
Johnny Elias
Nikolas Sombrowski
Kyle Ford
Simon Bergsagel
Sebastian Iannuzzi
David Lenzin
Brendan Nemes-Kyle Klein
Jordan Kromm
Sawan Gill
Riley Fonger- Justin Faiella
Tristan Downe
Dylan Defosse
Riley Fonger









Kimberley 49 43 4 1 1 88
Fernie 49 26 15 4 4 60
Col. Valley 49 22 21 2 4 50
Golden 49 22 23 2 2 48
Creston 49 10 35 0 4 24